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Michelle Bernstein Catering is a full-service South Florida-based catering company spearheaded by James Beard Foundation Award-winning chef Michelle Bernstein.  In collaboration with a talented team of catering specialists, event producers, chefs, mixologists, bartenders, servers, and staff, Bernstein creates and produces incredible menus and gastronomic experiences for events, large and small.

Our level of service, close rapport between client and chef, and high caliber of cuisine make our brand one of a kind.

MBC was created to deliver a personal catering experience to our esteemed food enthusiasts. MBC is unique and versatile. We take our clients on a delicious food sensory journey. All the needs and desires of our clients are met and brought to life.  Not only do we deliver the quality of food that you would expect of MBC, we also create beautiful events that will always be memorable, and unique to our brand. Our menus adapt to the palates of our diverse clients around the world.